A Blessing Called Jeff

From the day he was born, Jeff was fiercely independent, a trait he exhibited throughout his life. He had a quirky sense of humor, a quick wit and loved practical jokes.  He never met a stranger and he could talk to anyone about anything. 

He fell in love with the “Little House” books as a child and became an avid reader for the rest of his life.  If you played a game of trivia and you weren’t on Jeff’s team, you lost.  He loved movies and could quote portions from all the classics (and non-classics as well). 

He was a lifelong UK Wildcat fan.  He loved computers and made many friends in cyberspace playing backgammon.  He had an artistic bent.  His apartments always reflected a flair for decorating and he was a gourmet cook.



Not long ago Jeff shared with me how much happier he was being back in Lexington.  I am so sad that God chose to take him home early, but I am also very grateful that he allowed us to know, so that we could spend some quality time together, to mend some fences and say the “I love you’s” we didn’t say often enough.

Thank you so much, God, for the blessing we called “Jeff”.


(This was written by his mother Priscilla and was read at Jeff’s service by his friend Father Dane)